Flare adds light to US crash confusion

Confusion reigned after a boat hit a wall at Buffalo Harbour, USA, in the early hours of the morning one day in August, injuring the driver and passengers.

Initial reports stated there were several people in the water, but when the US Coast Guard arrived in the darkness it found five people in the boat. The driver had suffered a severe head injury and so was confused about the situation.

When the Coast Guard later returned to the crash site and sent up and illuminating flare, rescuers spotted a sixth person on the breakwall in the outer harbour, reports the website.

US Coast Guard, Jeremy Bossinger, explains, “We fired off an illumination flare into the sky. Once we fired that off, we were able to light up the area where the initial impact of the boat was on the breakwall. We were able to find the person, sitting on the breakwall.”

Five of the six were later taken to hospital and the driver faces charges of boating while intoxicated.

The main image of Buffalo Outer Habor is from Wikipedia and was taken by Ken Winters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library.
ago. 19, 2016